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Sinuous Type

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→   I love typography and the variety of weird and wonderful things that can be created from its exploration. So I created Sinuous Type as a passion project which includes three new typefaces using a typographic system that can be applied to any existing fonts.

Three cities

→   It started with three cities and their main rivers – Thames (London), Seine (Paris) and Spree (Berlin). There was a valid difference between each rivers' sinuous ratio, making for an excellent starting point. Not to mention, they're all cool cities – for the cherry on top.

A typographic system

→   Once I extracted the particular ratios from each river, I applied each one to an assigned typeface – Gill Sans (London), Didot (Paris) and Officina Slab (Berlin). Then came the tricky part – how to implement the calculations!

Assessing each letter individually, I elected a specific part of the anatomy to be changed. This is where the characters morphed, generating unique forms and building three eccentric alphabets that can be utilised to create distinct identities for each cities' river.