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→   Afiniti use artificial intelligence to pair customers with suitable customer service reps to offer helpful service and maximise conversion rate. There's a lot of potential for tracking information and improving productivity and customer satisfaction. This part of the tool was something that Afiniti didn't have. That's where we came in. The goal was to create a dashboard that captures complex data and translates it back to the managers and reps, meaning patterns can easily be observed and adjusted.

Data data data

→   I worked with two developers in weekly sprints straight from day one, so we were all in it together from the get-go. The first challenge was breaking down the problem; which was understanding the data ourselves, then making it intuitive for the users. There was a constant challenge of breaking data down and prioritising it to offer the users the most useful experience.

There's a widget for that

→   We collected historical, geographic, comparison and trend predicting data at customer, employee and team levels. Once the managers and reps can see the data, they're able to work with it or act on it. They can adjust the way they work to fit their strengths and use the platform to help them where it's needed, boosting their performance and offering better service to their customers. We created tools for to-do lists; sharing information; and a stand-up agenda creator, to help them with productivity and collaboration.

With so much data, it's easy to feel a bit like a robot, which isn't very helpful for a customer-facing role. So, we created a secondary – more hands-on – part to the platform to pair with the data dashboard, intended to be used all day, every day. Reps can find everything they need about the customer they're talking with and log notes about the calls. To further assist with building rapport with customers, the reps have access to a variety of widgets that can help talk to on the same level.

Bringing it to life

→   To inject some personality into the platform, I designed an illustration library, offering much-needed expression – making it accessible and pleasant to use. But to ensure an enjoyable experience throughout, a design system was needed that's easy on the eye – soft and light, utilising rounded edges and pale colours.