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→   There’s a new service in town. At first, you might find it eccentric, but after further thought, you might realise it’s not that crazy…

You probably get a personal driver, masseuse, hairdresser or cleaner from time-to-time. So surely it’s not that weird to get yourself a personal cook!

Cheffo is an in-home cooking service that helps users find personal chefs for their home at an affordable price, on a subscription basis. What’s not to love?

Get connected, stay connected

→   A mix of fresh and modern with extravagance run through the Cheffo identity, drawing attention to the uniqueness of the service – getting a personal chef in your home! We’ve kept the tone of voice is snapping and the messaging to-the-point, to get the message across quickly and effectively. After all, it is all about saving yourself time!

To give the brand its attitude, we’ve created a collection of awesome stickers – adding extra humour and edge – that can be used in countless dynamic ways, making the identity flexible and versatile. The infinite combinations of stickers illustrate the personality, not just of Cheffo, but the chefs and customers and their relationships together. Each one is different.

More time for you

→   Life will never be the same again. Taking an experience that we used to recognise as being expensive, and making it cost-effective for normal people. Giving everybody the chance to live more extravagantly.

Simplicity is key for this service as it’s new and has the potential to be confusing. Search for a chef by postcode or area, pick preferred chef, input availability and select from the abundance of delicious meals!

When it comes to the product, the character of the identity takes a step back to allow for functionality. But we’ve kept the design system minimal for beauty and easy usability. But when possible, we’ve added flourish to keep it exciting.

Easy to manage

→   The chefs need to manage their side of things too. We’ve created a cohesive admin part of the product to make it easy to manage bookings and appointments. Chefs can view their schedule on a day, booking or customer level with every important piece information attached. They can see when their appointments are along with what to cook and what to shop for. They can also look at their future appointments, allowing them to plan their time.