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Pitch Connect

●  Art Direction  ●  Illustration  ●  UX Design  ●  UI Design

→   Pitch Connect run international networking events enabling entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet the people who can help launch their business ideas. From influencers to investors and business partners.

Their app was first built to help them manage their event programme, and facilitate in-event voting, but as they grew, they quickly realised they needed the app to do much more.

Dark and mysterious

→   Consistency is extremely important, so we’ve created a slick and modern design system that works dynamically across the whole app, without compromise to flexibility – enhancing the user experience. The beautiful look and feel make using the app a delight. Also, we haven’t gone for dark mode to be trending, it’s to ensure that there’s minimal glare from the audiences’ phone whilst they’re voting.

The magical moments are what really bring something like this altogether, so we created a series of illustrations and animations – helping the app really come to life. It just pushes it over the edge, from great to amazing.

Centre stage

→   With events being the most important part of the app, we decided to make it the first thing the users land on. This makes the functionality intuitive – with most of the work being done for you, dynamically. This means users finding what they need with ease – rather than trying to find tickets for events – as event tickets display on the landing screen when they’re needed.

Not forgetting the sweet functionality of tickets! Users won’t be having any trouble finding the events they have and will be attending. This can act as a nice scrapbook of all the events they’ve been to, making it easy to go back and make connections amongst other things.

During an event, it is arguably voting that is the most important moment – which is fleeting, so requires the audiences’ full attention. The initial prompt stays active until voting is closed to encourage full participation. The voting panel sits at the bottom of the screen to ensure ease and comfort when dragging to alter the order. It’s really easy – and maybe a bit too enjoyable.

Get connected, stay connected

→   Building a library of useful connections at events with other, like-minded attendees is stress-free. Sure, users can search for users and connect with them, but that’s not always the best way. Connecting in person is as simple as meeting, and scanning a user’s profile card. No second-guessing.

It doesn’t end at connecting. We’ve kept the conversations flowing after events with messaging. So there’s no need for jumping between different apps. Providing access to everything users need, related to the events they attend and networking with people they meet.

Sky's the limit

→   Helping companies and founders reach their investment goals faster from superlative investors through Pitch Connect’s international network of investors by showcasing company funding opportunities. Never letting those sweet opportunities get missed again.